Signature Summer fragrances to embrace the season!

Well, it seems that Summer is finally upon us! It’s time to pack away that Winter wardrobe, embrace the warmth on our skin and enjoy the longer, lighter days that Summer brings! But how do we capture the lightness of Summer breeze, the feeling of crisp cotton and crinkled linen in our fragrance? Here are our top tips for your Summer scent selections to lighten every moment!

The past few months have seen us spending most of our time at home. Whether working or relaxing, we’ve been staring at screens for hours on end, only leaving the house for essentials or daily exercise but that’s all changing and Summer is in the air!

We all love the lightness of feeling that Summer brings. The days are brighter, time stretches out a little longer, we eat outside more, wear brighter colours in light breathable fabrics. We may change our everyday foundation to a lighter feeling tinted moisturiser. But have you thought about adding a new dimension to your fragrance wardrobe? The opportunity to adapt your signature scent for the season can have such an impact on your overall sense of wellbeing. Scent is an incredible sense; the power it has to immediately evoke a memory or feeling is almost magical. Have you ever smelt the scent of freshly cut grass and felt immediately transported to childhood Summer days running in the garden? Me too! So let’s travel through scent together to find the perfect Summer cocktail for you.

Coming from Sweden, Oriflame has always been inspired and empowered by nature and the benefits it can deliver. We use only 100% natural alcohol in our fragrances to ensure sustainability and we have a stunning range of fragrances to suit any mood or season. We also experience some of the longest hours of daylight in the world during our Summer so we really love to embrace every second with all of our senses! So what should you look for in your Summer fragrance?

Summer is the perfect time to try florals!
Choose a scent from the floral olfactory family. What better way to evoke Summer than the scent of beautiful dreamy florals.
For a rich Summer fragrance it seems essential to try our number one worldwide bestseller Giordani Gold Essenza! It has an incredible Orange Blossom accord which is unique to Oriflame. Use the parfum for those long heady Summer nights. Apply a touch to the pulse points (neck, décolletage, the back of the knees and the wrists) to dress yourself in floral woody perfection. Perfect for al fresco dining, cosy summer barbeques and walks along the beach! Switch to the gorgeous perfumed body spray for a daily light format on-the-go. Spray liberally on Summer cottons and linens to envelope you in a dreamy floral fragrance.

Mix up your formats!
Don’t want to say goodbye to your favourite Winter fragrance? Try a lighter format instead. Wearing an Eau de Toilette can give a softer, lighter, more ‘breezy’ take on your favourite fragrance because it has a lower percentage of fragrance oils within it. It’s almost like wearing cotton instead of velvet! Don’t forget to layer up with a body cream or lotion in the same scent to give longevity to your fragrance.

Spritz a little of your favourite perfume into your hair to give a little extra wow to your day! Remember to never apply fragrance directly to sun-exposed skin so applying a touch to your hair allows your scent to ‘sing’ in a different way! Try Eclat Femme Weekend EDT a beautiful floral, woody musk. Perfect for heavenly sunny days and long weekends in the countryside. Partner with a fabulous straw hat and some oversized shades for ultimate Summer chic.

Discover a new Parfum!
Don’t want to steer from your Eau de Parfum format? Discover a heavenly new EDP in the form of Infinita. Fall in love with a bright and captivating Eau de Parfum that celebrates your femininity and strengthens your pride in being a woman in today's society. Beautifully designed after the most high quality and feminine flower in perfume, Grandiflorum Jasmine from Grasse with its classic, clean and delicate aura. It’s Summer with strength and depth, taking you from a garden wedding to an evening gala with a stunning floral trail of fragrance.

Embrace nature and the elements
Immerse yourself in a beautiful coastal escape moment, with this crafted fragrance that captures the freshness of a sea breeze. Even if you’re going for a staycation this Summer, try Mister Giordani Aqua EDT to evoke dreamy coastal days and nights. This modern and masculine woody scent that indulges you in aquatic notes contrasted with a sensual woodiness, inspired by the unexpected and captivating beauty of a warm coastal getaway. Perfect for men who look for fresh yet captivating scents. (however, I love a light, watery scent myself so feel free to try it as a unisex fragrance and dream of the Meditterranean coast together!)

Dive into freshness with a sporty Summer scent
Are you ready for a challenge? Evoke cool waves against the jagged coast with Glacier EDT. This sharp, refreshing scent is perfect for the sporty, liberated man. Reminiscent of a day riding the waves and diving into deep blue waters this aromatic blend of rosemary and dragon is mixed with a twist of mint and deep wood-like, amber undertones. It’s Summer surf in a bottle! Create Summer love with his and hers fragrance!

There’s something magical about a Summer romance. Capture the memories of first falling in love with Eclat Amour EDT and Eclat Toujours EDT and transport your senses to unforgettable romantic moments. Eclat is known for its signature of white flower for feminine fragrance and leather for masculine but here we see a beautiful new expression with Eclat Amour and Eclat Toujours.

Your heart is captivated by exquisite scents of white violet, white orris and cedar for her and emotions take over with notes of elegant Mint, Orris and Cuir Corroyé for him. A love story with fragrances which will last far beyond Summer!

Whatever you choose as your signature fragrance this Summer, whether at home or away, enjoy every spritz! Fragrance should bring joy, evoke memories and create new ones! And don’t forget to layer to ensure your fragrances keeping shining into those long Summer nights!