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Getting started as a Brand Partner

You can join Oriflame for £19 and get access to our Digital Starter Kit! This is perfect to start your Oriflame business from the comfort of your home. 

Joining Oriflame as an independent Brand Partner is simple! For just £19, you get full access to our complete Business Opportunity package: 

  1. A clear, step-by-step on-boarding and training programme for the very best start

  2. Your very own online store! Share your Personal Beauty Store link online and earn on your customers orders straight away.

  3. Access to Oriflame's exclusive social media content creator and planner for easily accessible images and videos at your fingertips.

  4. Plenty of online and offline training programmes to boost your knowledge and confidence.

  5. Business tools to keep track of your results.

  6. An attractive income opportunity with a world-class compensation plan.

You can also choose to upgrade the start of your membership by purchasing our Premium Business Starter Kit for an additional £20, as long as you do this within the first 30 days of joining as a Brand Partner. You will find the option to buy the Premium Business Starter Kit in "Your Offers" when you go through an order process.




Get ahead with the Welcome Programme 

When you first join Oriflame, you have the chance to receive some of our best-selling products worth £131 as rewards for completing the Welcome Programme. You need to hit 100 PBP (£107.50) in sales per campaign within your first 3 full campaigns (registration + 3 campaigns).

Earn your first bonuses with the Fast Start Programme

The Fast Start Programme rewards you for achieving great results during your first 90 days as a Brand Partner. Simply open your Personal Beauty Store and get just 3 of your VIP Customers to place orders of £45 or more each. You can also get an additional £100 if you register a new Brand Partner that does exactly the same as you have and reaches the £50 bonus for themselves! 

Read more about our First 90 Days Bonus Programmes here.
Please note, we are still changing our PDF material to include the new Welcome Programme step 1 reward including the Bronzing Pearls. This will be updated in due course.