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The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara

New innovative mascara from Oriflame

Oriflame is introducing The ONE Eyes Wide Open mascara – the first mascara in the world that is clinically proven to provide an eye opening effect. After application eyes appear 30% bigger.

“Big eyes are absolutely irresistible – and the easiest way to enhance your eyes and make them look bigger is by using mascara. I love Eyes Wide Open mascara because it makes eyes appear bigger than ever. Big really is beautiful!” says Jonas Wramell, Oriflame’s Global Beauty Artistic Director.

The ONE Eyes Wide Open mascara has a specially-designed brush and formula that work perfectly together.

The innovative brush creates a super strong curl by lifting the lashes from root to tip to reveal more of your eyes than ever before. The brush shape imitates the curve of the eye.  It is designed to reach the root of all your lashes at the same time. The narrow tip with its pointed shape reaches all the smaller bottom and inner lashes without smudging and the wider base reaches the longer middle and outer lashes, coating them perfectly.

The formula contains fixative agents to keep the curl perfectly in place with a lasting effect.


To create the big- eye look:

1. Hold the brush with the narrow tip pointing towards the nose and start by applying mascara as close to the roots as you can, drawing the brush slowly through the lashes right to the very ends;

2. For extra eye-opening effects, with the narrow brush tip apply mascara to your outer corner lashes on your upper lid, drawing upward and outward; repeat as needed for the preferred look.

The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara will be launched February 6th 2015.