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Maintaining good levels of ceramides is vital to keeping your skin supple, as they make up around half of the lipids in the skin’s outer layer and are crucial for a fully functioning skin barrier (the outermost layer of your skin). But skin ceramide content declines with age, starting in your thirties, so replenishing with ceramide-enriched skin care will help keep skin soft, pliant and smooth. Without ceramides skin can’t control moisture levels, or properly protect against damage caused by environmental aggressors such as UV and pollution.

Key Benefits

  • Protect and strengthen: Ceramides reinforce the skin barrier and help protect from external aggressors

  • Moisturise: They also help prevent the loss of essential moisture from skin, keeping it soft and hydrated. They are also found naturally in the skin which makes them well suited to all skin types

  • Smoothen: As a key part of a healthy skin barrier and a protector from dehydration, they make skin more pliant, smoother and lessen appearance of lines.

Ceramides are the ‘mortar’ in between the ‘bricks’ (cells) that keep skin structure intact.

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