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The ‘next generation’ of exfoliating acids, what sets PHAs (Poly hydroxy acids) apart from other acids are their gentleness and ability to hydrate. As chemical exfoliators they weaken the bonds between skin cells, allowing dead cells on the skin surface to reveal brighter, smoother skin from below. The larger size of the PHA molecule (as compared to AHAs like Lactic or Glycolic Acid) means they penetrate skin at a slower rate, which translates to lower irritation potential.

Key Benefits

  • Gentle exfoliation: Smooths and refines skin tone and texture through exfoliation, brightening skin and minimising lines. As the PHA molecule penetrates more slowly, it is also gentler on skin

  • Hydration: Unlike most other exfoliating acids, PHAs attract and hold onto moisture which reduces water loss from skin and enhances barrier function

  • Antioxidant protection: Helps protect skin due to antioxidant properties, neutralising free radicals caused by exposure to external aggressions (such as UV and pollution)

Gluconolactone is an example of a PHA with proven skin benefits

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