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From lab to bottle

With world-class lab facilities and state-of-the-art technology our research and development teams are well poised to conduct the rigorous scientific research and evaluation required to produce the safe, innovative beauty products that you love.

Investigating the best ingredients

Your product journey starts at our Skin Research Institute – this is where we investigate our natural ingredients, evaluate bioactive plant extracts and develop innovative cosmetic technologies.

The raw ingredients that go into our cosmetic formulations are the backbone of our beauty products, and only the best will do. We have a strong focus on plant stem cell technology (open new tab link: future beauty edit about stem cell technology) as it reduces water and energy consumption, and uses no pesticides. This makes it a highly sustainable and effective tool for extracting plants’ phytochemical components which are powerful substances in cosmetic formulations.

Creating cosmetic formulations

Creating beauty products that deliver the best performance and sensory experience is a complex process, and this is where our scientists’ expertise comes into play, composing beauty formulas that work for you, and in harmony with other products.

Instead of relying on a single active ingredient to deliver performance, we design our cosmetic formulations so that all the ingredients work together as a whole, to deliver true efficacy. Our premium NovAge skin care routines in particular undergo stringent clinical tests to demonstrate their effectiveness and guarantee results.

Testing and evaluation

Testing and evaluation is a crucial step in the product journey. At our state-of-the-art clinical testing and evaluation facility, we specialise in skin analysis, conducting research and performing a raft of clinical and consumer testings. What’s the difference between clinical and consumer testing?


Clinical testing

Clinical testing is performed in a controlled environment under strict supervision by trained clinical experts, making the results quantifiable, reliable and objective. We examine different skin, lash and hair attributes and measure how products affect wrinkles and pores, skin brightness and pigmentation, just to name a few.

We also collaborate with global partners on clinical studies in Europe and Asia, so no matter where you live, you can expect beauty products that suit your individual lifestyle and beauty needs.

Consumer testing

Consumer testing is done with a panel of regular people who volunteer to try our products at home as part of a daily routine, over a set number of days or weeks. The panellists then complete a questionnaire, answering questions at various timepoints, and providing their honest opinion and subjective feedback on the product’s benefits and performance.


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