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ProCeuticals Retinol Power Drops

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NovAge ProCeuticals Retinol Power Drops are formulated with an active level of 1.1% encapsulated retinol, and are a simple and effective addition to your daily routine. It works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, refine skin texture, and restore the skin’s water reserves. For a plump, healthy, youthful-looking complexion.
Works deep below the skin’s surface at cellular level to help reduce deep wrinkles
Helps to increase dermal water content for plumper-looking skin
Works to increase the skin turnover rate for healthier-looking skin
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Smooth, supple skin has long been seen as one of the pillars of a flawless complexion. But external factors such as sun exposure, combined with internal factors like hormones and genetics, can result in the appearance of wrinkles and a decline in skin texture.

NovAge ProCeuticals Retinol Power Drops feature an encapsulated retinol serum with an active level of 1.1% encapsulated retinol, and are a simple and effective addition to your daily routine.

The serum works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, refine skin texture, restore the skin’s water reserves, and promote skin cell turnover – for healthier, more youthful-looking skin over time. At the same time, the encapsulated retinol helps to provide maximum potency and skin benefits.

Dermatologically and consumer tested.

  • Apply to clean, dry skin.
  • Fill dropper with concentrate and apply evenly over the entire face and neck area after completing your normal cleansing routine. Avoid the delicate eye area. Apply only in the evening.
  • Finish by applying your eye cream, serum, and moisturiser as normal.
Usage Guidance

•︎ For best results, use for 4-8 weeks as an intensive regimen

  • Apply retinol every evening after cleansing
  • Don’t forget to apply to your neck and décolletage
  • Some tingling or slight discomfort is normal.

­ Do not use on broken/damaged skin.

­ If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately

­ Do not use at the same time as Vitamin C

Extra Usage Advice:

  • If desired, you can introduce retinol into your routine slowly. Retinol can cause irritation. You could use the product once during the first week, twice (non-consecutively) the second week, three times (non-consecutively) the third week, and so on until you find that your skin becomes accustomed to the potent active and can tolerate daily usage.
  • Only apply retinol in the evening, as sunlight can negatively impact the potent active.
  • Wear sunscreen. This product can make skin more sensitive to UV rays, so it’s extra important to apply sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using retinol.
How to use in the NovAge Routine

Suggested order of use:

For use in the evening:
  1. Cleanse
Treatment: NovAge Proceuticals Retinol Power Drops
  1. Eyes
  2. Boost
  3. Moisturise
Patch Testing:
Is this product compatible with my skin?

All NovAge ProCeuticals products are optimally formulated for performance and safety. If you are not sure how your skin will react to the product for the first time, you can do a patch test to see how your skin is reacting to the product. This is done by applying a small amount of product onto a small area of clean skin on your inner forearm and keep the area dry for 24h. If any redness, burning, itching, blistering or irritation is observed at any time during the test, do not use the product.


Part of the vitamin A family, retinol is known for its ability to address a number of skin concerns, including deep wrinkles and skin texture. It works by promoting collagen synthesis and skin cell turnover, and increasing dermal water content, to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and help refine skin texture. Retinol is highly sensitive to oxidation, sunlight, acidic conditions, and heavy metals, which results in reduced efficacy. Our specialised version of Retinol is encapsulated and delivered to the skin in a protective, single layer polymeric shell that breaks down upon contact with the skin. This specialised delivery of retinol helps maximise potency and skin benefits.

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Developed with potent active ingredients in order to help treat and solve a wide variety of skin concerns. Take your skin from good to great with NovAge’s next-level advanced skin care range, ProCeuticals!
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