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Easily scoop your favourite Wellosophy powdered products like shakes, soups and fibre drinks.
Matches seamlessly with the Wellosophy Smartshake Shaker
Comes in an elegant purple/blue colour
Easy to grip and use
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Quickly prepare soups, shakes, fiber drinks and more with our new scoop. Perfectly matches any of your Wellosophy powdered products. Easy, convenient and food-grade safe.

Use to scoop your Wellosophy powdered products like shakes, soups and fibre drinks.

Want to build a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family, push your fitness to new levels, or reach that elusive healthy weight? Whatever your wellness goal, Wellosophy has the lifestyle advice, nutritional products and support to help you build new healthy habits for life. Look and feel amazing today and secure a healthier, happier tomorrow. You can make it with Wellosophy! 
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