Love Me Manicure Kit
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Love Me Manicure Kit


Love Me Manicure Kit is a set of five manicure tools in a padded PU compact with a pretty watercolour design. Contains carbon steel nail clipper, stainless steel-tipped scissors, and stainless steel file, cuticle pusher and tweezers. Perfect for at home or small enough for your handbag. Nickel safe.


1/ Clip off excess nail length using NAIL CLIPPER.
2/ Shape nail using NAIL SCISSORS.
3/ Smoothe nail tips using NAIL FILE.
4/ Clean under nails using pointed end of CUTICLE PUSHER.
5/ Soak nails in warm water then push back cuticles using round end of CUTICLE PUSHER.
6/ Pinch off any pieces of loose, dead cuticle using TWEEZERS.
7/ Wash and dry hands again before applying polish if desired.