Sonic Brush Heads 2-pack

Sonic Brush Heads 2-pack

Cleansing Brush Heads for the SkinPro Sonic 3-in-1 System

Set of 2 replacement Cleansing Brush Heads.

Effective everyday cleansing for exceptionally clean, fresh, visibly rejuvenated and healthy-looking skin.


The fine nylon bristles of the cleansing brush are designed to remove make-up and everyday impurities including excess oil and sebum, dirt and other impurities like pollution particles, to leave the skin prepared for optimal absorption of your skin care products.

The brush head should be replaced every 3 months for the best results.

Size: Diameter 4.77 cm. Materials: PP with nylon bristles.

Clinically tested using all three heads in combination with a foaming cleanser and a basic moisturiser.

Use daily. We recommend the 60-second Automated Facial Zone Programme.

  • Gently remove eye make-up by hand using eye make-up remover. Do not use the device around the delicate eye area.

  • Moisten your face and the cleansing brush with warm water.
  • Apply a little facial cleanser onto your skin, or directly onto the brush. Do not use cleansers which contain exfoliating particles.
  • Switch on device and select the programme of your choice.
  • Press the brush gently against your skin and move in small circular motions. Avoid the eye area. You will feel light vibration.
  • When the programme is complete, rinse your face with clean, warm water and gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel.
  • Rinse the brush thoroughly and allow to dry naturally.

For detailed information on product use, safety and maintenance please read the leaflet supplied with the device.