Oval Make-up Brush
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Giordani Gold

Oval Make-up Brush


Boost your favourite hybrid foundation with our new oval brush

Limited-edition luxuriously soft oval makeup brush, the perfect match to your favourite Giordani Gold foundation.

This sensual applicator with super soft bristles and tapered edges delivers enhanced sculpting and blending for naturally flawless beauty.

Comfortable grip for heightened precision. Easy to clean.

Apply a small amount of hybrid foundation to the back of your hand.

Gentle dab the brush then apply to areas that need coverage starting with the nose and cheeks

Repeat the process on the rest of the face.

Hybrid Perfection

Designed to perfectly match our premium foundations that are infused with skin care benefits: Long Wear, Liquid Silk and MasterCreation foundations.

For 40 years, Giordani Gold has strived to create beautiful, premium products infused with the world’s most exclusive raw ingredients. The quest for craftsmanship and perfection reflects our desire to help you live your life beautifully.