Magnifying Mirror with 2 TweezersMagnifying Mirror with 2 Tweezers
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Magnifying Mirror with 2 Tweezers


Before applying make-up, first groom brows with set #1 of brow-grooming tools to remove unwanted, out-of-place, stray hairs.

Comes with 10x magnifying mirror & 2 tweezers, slanted & pointed – conveniently stored behind the compact for easy access & bring along.

Use slanted tweezers to remove larger hairs & the pointed ones to remove smaller, harder-to-get-hold-of hairs. Limited edition.

Finish up with set #2 of our brow-grooming-tools: precise razor trimmers with complimentary comb & brush. Limited edition.

  1. With 10-fold magnifying mirror, use slanted tweezers to remove larger hairs.

  1. Then proceed with pointed tweezers to remove smaller, harder-to-get-hold-of hairs.
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