Professional Eyebrow Razors 2-pack
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Professional Eyebrow Razors 2-pack


Shape brows exactly to the arches you’ve always dreamt of – quickly & easily!

Our 2-pack razor trimmers come with slim handles – fitting perfectly in your hand to facilitate with precision work.

Complimentary comb & brush tame & shape brow hairs. Limited edition.

  1. Tip! For easier trimming & shaping, work on brows after a warm shower when hairs are looser.
  2. Go slowly to avoid removing too much hair.
  3. Start by trimming between-brow hairs first. For better control, stretch skin tightly.
  4. Use short strokes, following the direction of your natural hair growth.
  5. To shape brows, use brush to straighten hairs – revealing over-grown hairs & areas that need shaping.
  6. Always trim from underneath.
  7. Remove stray hairs & any others that grow outside the natural shape of your brows.
  8. Comb eyebrows into shape, making sure brows are symmetrical.

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