Swedish Spa Reed Diffuser
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Swedish Spa

Swedish Spa Reed Diffuser

90 ml

The scent of Swedish harmony for your home!

Our reed fragrance diffuser brings the relaxing scent of the Swedish seaside into your home and creates a relaxing spa-like atmosphere.

The fragrant blend features the signature Swedish Spa scent, which harnesses the relaxing power of the ocean.

This long-lasting reed diffuser will create your own Swedish scent haven for up to five months.

Carefully remove the lid and insert the reeds into the bottle. The reeds will absorb the fragrance and release the scent into the air.

A relaxing scent built around an indulgent aquatic floral accord with soft marine undertones, refreshed by light and vibrant aromatic accents on top and warmed up by precious woods and musks with a hint of sweet vanilla for a real spa feeling.

Take time out, in nature, to relax both body and mind. That’s the Swedish way. From oils that transform into milky foam to silky soft mineral clay and luscious whipped body butter, the sublime textures of Swedish Spa are designed to help soothe away tension and fill you with inner tranquillity. With Swedish Spa, you can be inspired by nature at home.