Precision Tweezer
Eye Make-Up

Precision Tweezer


Create flattering brows to emphasise your eyes, shaping them to perfection – with precision!

Our lovely precision tweezers feature perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips to grab those unwanted, out-of-place, stray hairs the first time, every time – so you can pluck away with zero-fuss precision.

Why leave it to the experts when you can do it yourself? Slender, curved, brushed-silver-toned design.

1. Tip! For easier shaping, work on brows after a warm shower when hairs are looser:
2. Start by plucking between-brow hairs first. For better control, stretch skin tightly.
3. Follow the direction of your natural hair growth.
4. Use a brush to straighten hairs – bringing out over-grown hairs & areas that need shaping.
5. Remove stray hairs & any others that grow outside the natural shape of your brows.
6. Comb eyebrows into shape, making sure brows are symmetrical.