Saga Ginko BraceletSaga Ginko Bracelet
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Saga Ginko Bracelet

Metal, nickel-safe. Dia.7.4cm; leaves: big L3.8xW3.8cm; small L3.1xW3.5cm.
With pleated, undulating, fan-shaped gingko leaves, this unique-looking bracelet epitomises the season’s botanical- & nature-inspired look. Get closer to nature & heighten the impact of the fascinating gingko leaf, combing it with the matching necklace & earrings.
Like the dawn starts the day, the SAGA Collection starts off the autumn. The story is trans-seasonal, moving from summer to autumn, its direcgtion, soft, sheer, romantic and poetic We see delicate botanical shapes and forms, focusing on the lighter shades of the palette.Take a look start and start creating your ownm, individual boho look!