Wellness Silicone Water BottleWellness Silicone Water Bottle Wellness Silicone Water Bottle
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Wellness by Oriflame

Wellness Silicone Water Bottle

The new-generation water carrier, facilitating daily hydration for maximum work performance, combines the highest practicality with the latest contemporary look. Features compact size with roll-up option for convenient carry. Engineered with leak-proof and heat-and-cold-resistant construction. Crafted from BPA-free, safe, food-grade silicone of the softest, finest quality. Fitted with convenient hanging hook.
Wellness is about living the kind of lifestyle that makes you look and feel fantastic today – and to help you secure a long, happy, healthy life for tomorrow. It isn’t always easy, but Wellness by Oriflame offers a range of high quality nutritional products and lifestyle advice to help you succeed! Our products are developed in Sweden by leading scientists and formulated with natural-origin and nature-inspired ingredients. A healthier, happier life starts here!