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Claims & returns

Step 1: Submit a claim request in your user account.

Log in your account and then go to Order –> Claims –> Claims

Select the invoice containing the item/s you wish to Claim or Return. Specify the reason and go to the next page which will bring up all products listed on the invoice. Choose the relevant product and follow instructions. You will be prompted when specific information is required. Once the claim is completed you need to save it and send. The Customer Care Team will review your claim during their opening hours.

If you received a damaged product:

Remember to attach a photo of the damaged product. In most cases, the claim can be processed on the basis of a photo. We will decide whether it is necessary to send back the claimed product.

If you have not received the product in the package & if you ask for an exchange:

When submitting a claim, you have the option of choosing whether the product should be sent to you in a separate order or added to the next one. You can also opt out of it and request a full refund (if the product is missing and no longer required)

If you return unwanted product within 30 days:

Make sure you keep the receipt from the post office until your claim is fully approved by Customer Care Team.

If you wish to report an adverse reaction to a product:

Submit a claim and complete the adverse reaction questionnaire that can be found online under Order - Claims/Returns - Adverse Reaction Questionnaire.


Step 2: : If we confirm that the item needs to be returned to us, please prepare it and send to the address below.


Place the originally packed product into the carton and securely close the package. Send it to the following address and make sure you ask for the receipt at the post office:

  • Freepost RTSB–BYEG–YGSS 
  • First Floor
  • Suites E&F
  • Old Stratford Business Park
  • Falcon Drive
  • Old Stratford
  • Milton Keynes
  • MK19 6FG

The return cost will be covered by Oriflame.

Step 3: Money refund


In case when full refund is requested, we will issue a credit note within 7 days from receiving products back in our head office. The full amount will be transferred to Brand Partner’s account, which can be used for subsequent purchases (prepaid). Any refunds made on VIP Customer account will be issued back to the original payment method.

*If you have purchased a product through a Brand Partner, we advise you to contact them, as your warranty will be further handled through this person.

Deadline for submitting a complaint

Type of complaint:

14 days

- Withdrawal from the contract

- Notification of lack of products

- Notification of an assortment error

30 days

- Return under the Unique Satisfaction Guarantee

2 years

- Quality complaint - Oriflame is liable under the warranty if a physical defect is discovered within 2 years from the date of delivery of the goods to the consumer. The report should be submitted to Oriflame as soon as possible, but no later than one year from the date the defect was discovered.

As soon as possible

- Allergic reaction - as soon as the problem is noticed.