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How to start receiving earnings from Oriflame?

Get paid weekly with a Revolut account

Oriflame’s commissions payout partner


Oriflame has partnered with Revolut, one of the largest financial companies in Europe, to simplify and modernize our commission payout process. Revolut has developed an easy way enabling us to pay your Oriflame earnings in your Revolut accounts. Simply sign up for a Revolut account in a matter of minutes and start receiving your Oriflame earnings.

What is Revolut?
Revolut is a financial super-app that offers fast, easy, and secure online and offline payments while enabling convenient money transfers to friends and loved ones. Learn more about Revolut.

Spend, withdraw, or save your money with Revolut
Keep your Oriflame earnings in a Revolut account and gain access to Revolut’s modern digital banking services with a free virtual debit card. You also have the option to withdraw cash from ATMs and make payments using a Revolut debit card or the Revolut app. A small fee applies for the physical debit card as well as bank transfer fees.

Enjoy your free Revolut account
Standard Revolut accounts are free, or you can choose from one of Revolut’s paid plan options. Other fees may apply as applicable.Learn more about Revolut account types.

Special offer – 20£ Welcome Bonus
Alongside Revolut, we’ve introduced a new payment option, ‘Revolut Pay.’ This enables you to pay for your Oriflame orders directly from your Revolut account. Revolut is offering a 20£ welcome bonus for new customers, comprising two 10£ bonuses. Follow the steps below to qualify.

A 20£ Welcome Bonus is available for both Members and Brand Partners. A bank card (Mastercard/VISA) issued by your current bank is required for the first payment. This offer is not available for current Revolut account holders, only new customers. You can receive up to two welcome bonuses of 10£ each. Conditions apply.


Steps to claim Welcome Bonuses and set up Oriflame commissions


Register with Revolut and claim your first 10£ Welcome Bonus:
1. Choose the ‘Revolut Pay’ payment option at checkout. After placing your order, you will be redirected to complete your order using Revolut Pay with your existing bank card (Visa or Mastercard).

2. You will receive a text message and an email with a link to download the Revolut app. Alternatively, you can download it from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Install the app.

3. After installation, you will be directed to open the app and follow the instructions to verify your identity. Please note that verification of your Revolut account may take around 10 minutes.

4. Once your payment is completed, you will receive your first 10£ Welcome Bonus in your Revolut account.

Link your Revolut account to receive your Oriflame earnings:
After setting up your Revolut or Revolut Pro account, log in to your Oriflame account and go to your profile. In the left sidebar, choose ‘My Profile settings,’ and on that page, click on the ‘Payment’ button. Enter your account number in the provided form within this section.

Claim your second 10£ Welcome Bonus:
1. When placing your next Oriflame order, select Revolut Pay as your payment method.
2. After successfully completing your payment with Revolut, you will receive your second 10£ Welcome Bonus in your Revolut account.

Get even more with Revolut Pro

Revolut Pro makes managing your commercial activities seamless and simple. Oriflame Brand Partners who are already Revolut account holders have the exclusive option to upgrade to a ‘Revolut Pro’ account for free. As a Pro customer, you get from 0.4% up to 0.8% cashback on all your Pro card spends, be it online or in-store. You get a dedicated IBAN for all your commercial activities and you can also use your Pro account to generate custom invoices, accept contactless payments and more – all within your Revolut app.


Revolut for Businesses

If you’re registered as a Company or a Legal Entity, you’ll need to open a Revolut Business account and receive your Oriflame Bonuses there. However, (good news!) you can still open a personal Revolut account via checkout and claim your €20 Welcome Bonus there.


Open a Revolut Pro account

If you do not want to take advantage of the 20£ Welcome Bonus offer, you can still open a Revolut Pro account.


Why Revolut?

Revolut is a bank with a financial super app that gives you a modern and mobile way to manage your money.

Get paid weekly on your customers, directly to your Revolut account.

For new customers of Revolut, when choosing Revolut Pay at checkout.