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How do I get paid with Revolut?

Get paid weekly with Revolut account

Oriflame’s Commission Payout Platform Partner

Oriflame has partnered with Revolut, one of the largest financial companies in Europe, to simplify and modernise our commission payout process.

Revolut offers an easy way for you to fulfil all regulatory requirements so that we can pay you your Oriflame bonuses and commissions. It is free for Oriflame Brand Partners. After an easy sign-up process of less than a minute, you will open and be able to manage your Revolut account.

You can transfer your Oriflame commissions from the Revolut account to any bank account free of charge* or choose to keep money in your Revolut account and use their modern digital banking services.

*Conditions apply.


What's in it for me?
Thanks to Oriflame's partnership with Revolut, if you’re one of our Brand Partners, you’ll be paid for VIP Customer earnings on a weekly basis and for your total earnings at the end of the catalogue.

Is the Revolut account free?
An account is free, unless you decide to choose one of Revolut’s paid plan options.

How do I set it up?
If you want to open a Revolut Retail account, you can download the Revolut app here. If you’re an entrepreneur or a registered entity, you can set up a Business account here. After you’ve set up your Revolut account, please provide us with your Revolut account details in the Oriflame Profile.

Do I get a Revolut card?
Yes, if you’re a new Revolut retail user, you'll automatically receive an Oriflame-Revolut co-branded card shipped to your address, for free. You can start using a virtual Revolut card straight away, even before you receive your card in the post.

Once your card arrives, you can manually link the card to your Revolut account in three easy steps (which you can see in the gif). Just so you know, once the co-branded card is linked to your Revolut account, it will look different in your app but still has the same account details

If you are a Revolut business user or an existing Revolut retail user, you can order a physical card yourself (charges applicable). You can start using a virtual Revolut card straight away, even before you receive your card in the post.

Why Revolut?

Revolut is a financial app that gives you a modern and mobile way to manage your money.
Get paid weekly on your VIP Customers, directly to your Revolut account.
Manage your money easily with an intuitive app.

What can I do with the account?

You can choose to spend your balance with your Revolut card, exchange it into different currencies, withdraw money at an ATM machine (* ATM owner surcharge may apply), or transfer it to an external payment account. You can also use your account to spend, send or receive money from your friends. Fees may apply beyond allowance limits depending on the account you choose. For more information on what fees apply to Revolut Retail accounts, please click here.

Please note that if you’re looking to use the Revolut account to undertake business activities (like managing commercial expenses, paying salaries, or other activities that a business or someone who is self-employed would use an account for) you must open a Revolut Business account and choose one of Revolut Business plans. For more information on what fees apply to Revolut Business accounts, please click here.
Enjoy free transfers to any local bank account.
Benefit from excellent exchange rates for 30+ currencies.

Register now to ensure uninterrupted flow of your earnings

I don't have a Revolut account:


(Revolut Business is only needed if you are registered as Company)

I have a Revolut account: