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How to set up and manage a Wellness Subscription

Wellness Subscription

To take advantage of the offer for Wellness products marked as ‘BUY 3 AND GET THE 4TH FREE’ Brand Partner or VIP customers are required to set up a subscription.



How to set up a subscription online step by step

  1. Log on to your online account
  2. Click on My Pages – Order – Manage Subscriptions


  3. Add New

  4. Choose the product and then Save (Brand Partner can mark if the product is for themselves or a customer)

  5. Once the subscription is set up on the account it will appear under the tab Order – Manage Subscription:

The subscription will be dropped to the order automatically (there is no need to order the product manually):

The subscription will be added to the first order Brand Partner or VIP customer places in a campaign. After completing 3 cycles (3 campaigns) the free product will be added to an order in the 4th campaign to reflect the offer.


How to postpone a subscription

If for any reason you do not wish to have the subscription added to the order you can postpone it.

To do so, go to the basket, find the relevant subscription, and click on the arrow next to it. Then click on the subscription and the clock in the top right corner:


NOTE: Postponing a subscription means it will not be added to the current order but to the next one in the same campaign. If you postpone subscription but you don’t place another order in the same campaign, the subscription is released for shipping, a delivery charge is added and the order is sent with the next dispatch.


How to change the flavour of Wellness shakes and soups

Natural Balance shakes, Natural Balance Soup and Meal Replacement come in different flavours which can be changed between cycles.


To change the flavour of any of those products go to My Pages – Order – Manage Subscription and click on the subscription list which will display all subscriptions. 



Click on the edit button in the top right corner and then on the relevant cycle (where you can see the price):


Change the flavour and save. The different flavour will then get dropped to the basket.


How to cancel subscription

Go to My Pages – Order – Manage subscriptions

Click on the arrow to display the list of subscriptions:



Find relevant subscription and click on the edit button in the top tight corner. Then choose: Cancel. Once you confirm cancellation the subscription will be stopped.