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About International Sponsoring

How do I know which international countries I have registered to?

1.Go to My Profile settings

2.Hover mouse over where it says, ‘International Sponsor’.

It will show you any countries you are registered with.

How do I find my Brand Partner number for the international countries I have registered to?

We don’t have access to the systems for other countries, if you speak to the customer service team for that market, they will be able to assist you.


How do I register to International Sponsoring?

After Log in, go to ‘My Business’ ‘Recruit’ then ‘foreign Registration’.


Can I qualify for recruitment incentives in other markets?

All details of how to qualify and claim incentives can be obtained from the customer service of the country you qualify in.


How do I get my commission?

  1. All international markets are summarized
    in a “Global Catalogue Closing.”
  2. The “Global Catalogue Closing” takes place approximately 1 to 2 catalogue periods after the local closings because all markets have different closing dates.
  3. Total Global Sales Volume and Structure will define your final Global title and payout. You local title remains the same.
  4. International commission is paid in the home market with the next bonus payment after calculation.
  5. Global Titles and cash awards are based
    on the home market rules and requirement.
  6. Bonuses coverage: International Sponsoring covers Unilevel and Generation Bonuses. It also qualifies for Global Conferences and Cash Awards for New Titles from Director. Other local bonuses and incentives are not included in the global commissions.
  7. Working with Customers: as of May 2022
    It is not possible to benefit from recruiting VIP Customers in foreign markets. The focus is to recruit other Brand Partners and customers benefits are disabled.