Easy halloween clown makeup

Get Festive with Our Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween parties are coming your way! Have you prepped your costume already, or are you making up your mind last minute? No matter what, we have all the festive makeup inspiration you need. With just a few products you can create a simple, yet spooky look. Here are three Halloween makeup ideas you need to try!

The clown
Step 1: Take the The One Eyeliner Stylo and draw a wing at the corner of your eye.
Step 2: Then use the same eyeliner to draw a straight line at the top of your eyelashes.
Step 3: Change to The One Wonder Liner and paint a triangle underneath the eye. Finish the look with a small dot below the pointy edge of the triangle.
All done! That was easy-peasy right?


The spiderweb
Step 1: Choose your favourite colour of The One Colour Unlimited Eye Shadow, we used Calid Pink. Take the eyeshadow and paint a line on your eyelid.
Step2: Pick up The One High Impact Eye Pencil and draw a long thin line from your outer lash line towards your temple. Continue with three more lines from your lower lash line down towards your cheek. Then connect all the lines at the ends in the middle, to create the spiderweb.
Fabulous, your look is complete!


The bat
Step 1: Take The One Wonder Liner and start to draw a curved line from your outer lash line towards your eyelid. You then draw a slightly curved line towards your temple, and a shorter curved line from your lower lash line. Connect the ends with a few more curves.
Step 2: Fill the entire batwing with the same eyeliner.
You’re now ready to rock that spooky Halloween look!