Happy Earth Day to you from Oriflame!

Celebrating the Earth Day is a way of demonstrating support for environmental protection. For us it’s one more opportunity to think about our beautiful planet and the world that we want to live in. And we as a company just love this day!

Here at Oriflame, we respect nature!

Here at Oriflame, we respect nature and value everything it provides us with – green forests, clean water, fresh air, fertile soil and so much more. We understand how important it is to do everything to save our planet and we are committed to the goal of becoming a sustainable company. This is reflected in a number of initiatives – from choosing sustainable and recycled materials for packaging to coming up with new better and cleaner formulas for our product portfolio. We are also working on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and balancing it with equal amount of climate-reduction initiatives and carbon credits. And every day we are thinking of new ways to save valuable resources.

How are we celebrating the Earth Day in 2023? 

We are happy to tell you about the new and improved Oriflame printed catalogue. It was redesigned with our planet in mind – its smaller format is better for nature! It allows for a more effective use of paper, with less waste, saving important resources. It can help save over 1,000 tons of paper! Rest assured that these changes will only upgrade your Oriflame experience as our customer and Partner. New design matches the eCatalogue – so you can seamlessly switch between different Oriflame channels.

And one more perk! It fits in any handbag – which is perfect for when you are on-the-go. And now you’ll be even more delighted to look through our catalogue – knowing that it helps us save trees!

We are happy to celebrate the Earth Day with you and our new catalogue! We’ll always keep looking for new ways to avoid pollution and unnecessary waste, preserve biodiversity and be environmentally responsible.

Happy Earth Day!