6 Tips to Get a Promotion

Yes, you know are talented, but how do you break out of the crowd of ambitious people looking to make their big break? Here are our best 6 tips that can help you to finally get that big promotion!

Never ever say ‘that’s not my job’. Always seek to add value to your work. The more you do, the more you’ll be showcasing all the skills you have and in turn the more valuable you become to the employer. This way you’ll maximize the value of your workplace and you’ll be able to expand your sphere of influence!

It’s sounds horrible but it’s true: People will judge you in the first 4 seconds. They will then grant you approximately thirty seconds more before they make a final decision in their subconscious mind. The good news it’s simple to make a good first impression; make an effort with your appearance. Wear makeup that makes you feel confident and always dress for success in your job and in your company. Look at the top people in your industry, in your company, and at the people whose careers you look up to, then copy the dress code of those successful people (with pride!). Dress like you are going somewhere in your life. If everyone around you decides upon casual dressing - even better for you. You will stand out to everyone who can have a positive influence on your career and be a front runner as someone the company would like to represent them in a higher position.

Ok, we’ve got the looks out the way but without the skills you won’t be going anywhere. Take the opportunity to continue your education. If your company offers opportunities for professional development classes, take advantage of as many as you can. If your skills need updating or advancing, take continuing education or evening classes. This way, your technical skills will be top level. Work hard to become an expert at something in your field at work. Being that person that people always turn to is something that is super important and valuable in a company. Take it to the next level by participating in industry events, writing articles for third party publications and doing whatever you can to position yourself within your company and your industry. If it makes your company look good, do it!

It’s super important that you work hard and are a competent and skilled employee. But equally important, is the fact that you need to be flexible and fit in with the corporate culture. In many companies politics and other factors come into play, if you're career-minded and want to climb the ladder it's important that you analyze your corporate culture to determine what you need to focus on besides a job well done. You’ll likely find that if you have a great relationship with the people you work with you’ll be far more likely to be chosen for bigger and better roles than those who don’t.

Making your boss look good will do a great deal for your career and add big-time to your professional value. Through your work and growing responsibility, make your boss look like she’s running a strong team and accomplishing a great deal for the company. When a promotion or raise becomes available, your boss will be far more likely to look favourably on you. Additionally, when your boss moves up the ranks, she’ll most likely bring you up the ladder with her!

Finally, now that you have been starting to get noticed for your star qualities you can’t just wait around for someone to offer you a promotion. Of course, it's much easier when it happens that way. However, for some jobs and at some organizations you may need to apply or ask for a promotion. Come prepared, and don’t go asking for the promotion, raise, new privileges and more all at once. This could frustrate your boss and turn things to an edge. Know your worth but also know the time and place and your priorities. Now work down the list as concisely as possible! Good luck!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images