The Bloggers Guide to Wearing Glossy Lips!

There’s a reason why bloggers and celebrities are known as “influencers.” These trend-savvy women not only have great style; they also love to share it with others! So we asked some of our favorites to go from natural to high shine with Vinyl Gel – here’s what they thought!

Sandra Diaz, Mexico
Follow her: @HablaBelleza and on Youtube here
Wearing: The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Sunset Burst

“I am already a complete fan of this new product! What is new is always good, and that's why I wanted to create a bold, eye-catching look that defies all! Does this lipstick contain "self-esteem and security" amongst its ingredients? I think so; I love it!”

My tip is this: don’t use glossy or glittering products on other areas of your face when wearing Vinyl Gel. Instead, keep the rest of your look matte. But above all, dare to be yourself – your world should be full of shine!

Onyinye Okoye, Nigeria
Follow her: @onyinye_okoye
Wearing: The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Magnetic Magenta and Grape Splash

“My beauty look is inspired by nature and simplicity. I’m wearing Magnetic Magenta and I love the sheer glossy finish it adds to my look, the colour is vibrant and it instantly brightens my face. It also provides me with a subtle hint of glossiness for that everyday look. My search for the perfect lipstick is over - Thanks Oriflame!”

1. Never be afraid to try new colours - the perfect shade awaits you, bright colours are trending
2. After applying lip gloss avoid smacking lips together to maintain a high shine
3. Use a little bit of foundation or concealer in the shade that matches your natural lip colour. This will even-out the lips in one go and provide an even base to work upon!

Emilie Johansen, Norway
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Wearing: The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Malibu Blush and Tangerine Tango

"When wearing bright colors on my lips I love to keep my other makeup natural. Here, I've paired my Vinyl Gel gloss with mascara, a light BB cream and a bit of bronzer. To complete my look and make it more romantic, I'm wearing a flower crown."

After applying, dab you lips with your fingertips, this way the finish becomes more natural and dewy.

Veronika Nikkoko, Russia
Follow her: @nikkoko8 and on Youtube here
Wearing: The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Malibu Blush

“I love bright colours for the summer, especially this rich, pink lip shade by The ONE Vinyl Gel. I think it balances perfectly with glowing skin and my light bronze eye makeup – easy to achieve using a bronzer and highlighter at the same time! This lipstick colour inspires bold styling, that’s why I paired my boyfriend jeans with a sunny, lemon-coloured top!”

For my look, I chose not to use eyeliner as I didn’t want to overdo my makeup – it’s about emphasising the lips and creating radiant-looking skin.

Marketa Venena, Czech Republic
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Wearing: All 6 shades

“If you wear neutral eye make-up you can pick whatever lipstick colour you want, from light pink or burgundy, they’ll all look great! Picking the right colour is completely up to you!”

Keep your make-up in natural colours – this lets you play with lipstick shades during the day. Just choose the one that matches your mood!

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