10 ways to find beauty in the basics

Let’s face it, life can be complicated, so there are times when some down-to-earth simplicity can go a long way. Read on to discover how easy it can be to untangle your life, free up your time and focus more on the people you love.

1. Meal prep Sundays
Some say it’s boring, but there’s an army of savvy people out there who spend time each Sunday preparing their lunches for the week ahead. And with good reason. It’s a great way to delete lunchtime decision-making from your busy work days and it’ll (hopefully) help you eat more healthily and save you money as well.

2. Handwrite a letter
Sounds crazy, right? But you’ll be amazed at how therapeutic it can be to go “old-school” once in a while. Sending a handwritten letter or postcard to send to someone you love is a genuinely awesome way to let them know how much they mean to you. And who knows, you might get one in return!

3. Trademark your style
Food aside, planning ahead can stretch to your wardrobe too. One option is to select your outfit the night before. But if you want to be even more fuss-free, go one step further with a uniform-style approach to your daily attire. That means wearing the same (or similar) styles and colours every day and creating a look you can truly own!

4. Ditch the car
Depending on where you live or your daily needs, in some cases a car can be indispensable. On the flipside however, they can also be expensive to run and maintain. When possible, why not try alternatives like public transport, cycling or walking? You’ll have more time to think, plus you’ll enjoy the extra exercise and help save the environment.

5. Learn to say no
Say what? But it’s true – nobody is capable of doing it all. Demands placed on us at work, at home and everywhere in between can cause unnecessary stress. So, take time to prioritize the most important things, and if that means saying no from time to time then do it. The payoff could be greater than you imagine.

6. Be more mindful
Practicing mindfulness is a fantastic way to regain your focus and help you be more present, aware and productive. And the best part? It’s doesn’t need to cost a thing! Find yourself a book on meditation, start yoga at home or take up tai-chi. Those few minutes could be the key to anchoring your whole day.

7. Keep lists
Lists aren’t just for shopping! Busy lives mean a mountain of tasks from day to day and week to week. It’s easy to lose track along the way, but the humble list is your ticket to keeping things in order. Go “old school” again and write them by hand, or use one of the multitude of great apps with handy built-in reminders. Either way, it’ll feel great ticking things off as you go!

8. Switch off
No one can deny the powers of distraction that come with phones, tablets and tvs. But there are no more excuses! Make it your mission to disconnect from the screen and reconnect with those around you. Take a walk with a friend, play a board game or bake a cake with your kids, be in the moment and make new memories.

9. Purge your wardrobe
Cupboards and drawers overflowing? You’re not alone. And like most, if you take a good rummage around, you’ll find items you haven’t worn in years, or – even worse – at all! Every wardrobe needs a thorough clean-out from time to time. Aim for once per season, and if you find things you haven’t worn in a year or longer, bag it up for charity and say goodbye!

10. Simplify routines
Solid routines can not only help reduce anxiety and stress, they can really unjumble your life. Take daily skin care as an example… for many people, a long, pampering routine is the business; but for others it’s like watching paint dry. Sometimes simpler is just better.

Hopefully a lot of the tips you’ve read above will help make your life a whole lot simpler. But for those times when things get complicated (as they often do!), just remember these words of advice: keep bringing it back to basics!

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