5 Healthy Snacks Under 5 Minutes

Looking for a quick bite to eat at work or on the go? Then you have to try these five healthy snacks. They take less than five minutes to prepare and are as delicious, as they are healthy!

Do you often feel peckish in-between meals? Stay ahead of your urge by always keeping a small bag of nuts or almonds in your bag. Nuts are full of great fats and proteins, but also calorie rich, so our recommended serving size is 10 nuts per person.

Our Natural Balance Bars are made with natural ingredients, low in GI and high in protein and fibre. Each bar contains approximately 150 calories and they are great substitutes for pastries during coffee dates with friends.

Another super simple snack is sliced vegetables. All you need is a knife, a cutting board and a bell pepper or carrot. Guilty-free snacking has never been easier!

Want a warm snack that keeps you feeling full longer? Then you have to try our Natural Balance soups. Just stir a scoop of powder in a cup of boiling water and - voilà – you have a tasty, protein-fuelled treat around 70 calories!

Bananas and apples are great mid-day snacks. They contain must-needed vitamins, are easy to take with you and require no prep-time. Dried fruit is an option to the fresh alternative. Mix a handful of dried fruit with some sunflower or pumpkin seeds, and you’re good to go!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images