4 Benefits of Using a Self-heating Face Mask

When stress levels are running high, it’s all the more important to set aside some “me-time” to unwind and recharge. Might we recommend a self-heating face mask? Find out why this skin-boosting, ultra-revitalising (and exciting) new skin care trend is the perfect way to practice self-care.


1. Go ahead and open up!
Fun fact! Self-heating masks and other products are developed with special ingredients that heat up by releasing energy when activated, in what is known as an exothermic reaction. Not only does this feel amazing, it also helps to open your pores. This allows for purifying and oil-absorbing ingredients, such as Kaolin Clay in our Pure Skin Dual Action Face Mask, to work on a deeper level and more effectively remove dirt, sebum, make up and all other sorts of impurities from your pores. Better yet, the second step provides a wonderfully refreshing cooling effect that helps to tighten your pores and leave them feeling squeaky clean. Goodbye blemishes and blackheads, hello invisible pores!

2. Get your blood pumping
Not only do self-heating masks work to open your pores, they also cause the blood vessels in your skin to dilate, which helps to activate blood circulation! This is a very good thing, because blood helps to transport oxygen and other vital nutrients to all parts of your body, including… you guessed it! Your skin. When your skin receives a blood-flow boost, it even receives a boost in nutrients and oxygen, both of which can help to prevent hyperpigmentation (those dreaded dark spots), acne, fine lines, and dark circles, while also promoting faster scar healing and a more radiant skin tone!


3. Make the most of those super ingredients
Self-heating face masks don’t only contain cool ingredients to help them heat up, they’re also jam-packed with ingredients specially designed to boost your skin and give you that fresh complexion you’ve been dreaming of! Our self-heating mask is formulated with extracts from the Noni superfruit, which has both exfoliating as well as ultra-conditioning properties, and Kaolin clay, which helps to absorb oily impurities and reduce inflammation. The magic happens when these super ingredients meet the self-heating ingredients in our face mask, as the heating action helps to open the pores and allow the skin-boosting ingredients to work more effectively. Win-win!

4. It’s relaxing!
Rain or shine, sleet or snow, there’s never a bad time to treat yourself to an extra revitalising face mask! The two-step warming and cooling mask feels great on your skin and provides a great way to de-stress after a long, hectic day (especially combined with a relaxing bubble bath). As we all know, stress has a detrimental effect on your body (not least of all your skin), contributing to everything from acne to premature ageing. So why not go ahead and put your feet up, and let the mask give your skin the ultimate spa treatment!

Have you warmed up to the idea of self-heating face masks? Then why not treat yourself to a relaxing moment with our Pure Skin Dual Action Face Mask!

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