4 myths about meal replacements, debunked!

You might have heard of them, or even considered trying them at some point. Yes friends, today we’re talking about meal replacements! Whether in the form of shakes, soups, or bars, meal replacements have been both celebrated and villainised throughout the years.

Given the many myths surrounding meal replacements (which, were first popularised by space travel and the fascination with the futuristic idea of a nutritionally complete meal in a single package), we set out on a journey to examine the research and scour the evidence, to set the record straight by debunking some of the most popular myths. Let’s dive in!

Myth #1: They’re a real snoozefest
Traditionally, when people think of meal replacements, a sort of tasteless shake with a pasty consistency often springs to mind. But fear not! The meal replacements of today have come quite a way from the original, bland-tasting products of yesteryear. Nowadays, there’s a whole plethora of flavours (like sweet-tooth curbing vanilla or chocolate), and even various types of meal replacements to choose from, from yummy shakes, to soups and bars – which makes it easy to change it up as you please, and a real treat for you to incorporate into your diet and routine.

Myth #2: I’ll feel too restricted
Another common myth is the notion that in order to be effective, meal replacements must replace every single meal – making it a challenge to say yes to a nice evening out with friends, or lunch at that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Don’t worry though, because you can consider this myth officially debunked! Today’s meal replacements, including Oriflame’s Meal Replacement shake, are designed to suit your specific needs and preferences and are certainly not intended to replace every single one of your meals. Rather, depending on your weight goals (i.e. if you want to lose or maintain body weight), you can replace one or two of your daily main meals with our Meal Replacement Shake. Replace two of your three main meals to lose body weight or replace one of your three main meals to maintain body weight. Ensure that your food-based meals are nutritionally balanced, limited in calories and high in protein and dietary fibre for best results.

Myth #3: They’re just a quick fix!
Meal replacements are just an easy remedy to lose weight fast, right? Wrong! Meal replacements, like our Meal Replacement shake, are intended to provide you with a safe, convenient, and healthy way to help you achieve your weight loss or maintenance goals and sustain them in the long run. Still sceptical? There’s scientific evidence to back it up. According to one study1: “there is scientific evidence proving that incorporating meal replacements into a calorie restricted diet offer long-term success for weight loss. Meal replacements work better than self-directed weight loss attempts due to greater adherence to the reduced calorie diet. Even greater weight loss results are seen when combining meal replacements with behavioural change and a supportive community”. This being said, meal replacements help provide balanced, nutritious portions that allow you to control your calories. At the same time, they’re easy to prepare and convenient to take with you wherever, ensuring that you can easily fit them into your busy lifestyle and are less tempted by unhealthy foods throughout the day. When you’ve got a plan that is both convenient AND effective, it’s easier to make it a longstanding part of your routine – that’s why meal replacements are proven to work long-term, because they’re an easy way for you to support healthy habits, and fit conveniently into your daily routine without you having to put too much time or effort into preparing them. How’s that for a long-term relationship?

Myth #4: I’ll end up undernourished or hungry all the time – or both!
A common fear when it comes to replacing meals with meal replacements is that they’ll leave you feeling ravenous and weak. After all, nothing’s worse than being constantly distracted by a growling tummy and fantasies about your next meal (with extra fries, please!) while trying to focus on your big presentation or exciting weekend plans. Life’s too short for that! But contrary to popular belief, the right kind of meal replacement will leave you feeling satisfied, and full of energy! Oriflame’s Meal Replacement shakes offer perfectly balanced, calorie-controlled portions, with natural, protein-rich plant-based ingredients such as peas and faba beans. Each nutrient-dense serving is high in protein and fibre to help keep hunger at bay, as well as healthy fats and 23 of the essential vitamins and minerals you need to fuel you with lasting energy as you go about your day. With the right nutrients to help you feel your best, you can focus on achieving your weight management goals.

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Photographs by: Alexandra Sjöberg