4 Scents That Instantly Boosts Your Confidence

Perfume is truly a powerful thing: it can shape your identity, give a strong impression of who you are, boost your confidence and even change your moods. Whether you are stressing over a job interview or feeling the drag of a bad day, we’ve got you covered. These scents will raise your confidence in no time!

On days when you feel like life has handed you a few too many lemons, and your self-confidence is anything but on top, fragrance is a lifesaver when it comes to turning things around. On these days, earthy scents are your main go to. They help you establish an emotional identity in difficult situations and even give you an extra boost of strength. Inspired by the Nordic goddess Idunn, Possess The Secret has a powerful unique Golden Apple accord specifically developed to heighten your inner resilience and energy. Base notes of sandalwood and vanilla create a sense of calm within and help you feel strong and rooted – no matter what life might throw your way!

Preparing for an interview or an important meeting with your manager can sometimes demand a little extra bravery. To get rid of any nervousness or tension, look for characteristic fragrances that will make you feel calm and collected, but still add that extra push of confidence. Oriental scents are your best choice; they are persuasive, without being overwhelming. With fresh top notes of white currant and lemon peel, Lucia Bright Aura adds inner radiance and a little extra pinch of sparkling confidence. Its heart notes of cedar wood and amber have got just the right combination of sophisticated and unforgettable.

It’s time for the first date and you’re just about ready when the butterflies in your stomach starts to kick in. What will we talk about? What if my palms sweat? And what perfume should I wear? As the first whiff of your scent can make as big of an impression as your first words, we would recommend going for light floral yet inviting scents. How about something romantic with a flirty touch? Eclat Mademoiselle exudes a delicate, exotic and sublime femininity that embodies truly romantic sophistication. With subtle watery notes and white hibiscus, this is the perfect chic accompaniment on a date night.

It’s Saturday, you’ve got a party planned and you’re more than ready to hit the town! A night out is all about adding some extra magic to your already fabulous self. Bold accessories and makeup certainly does the trick, but if you really want to mesmerise the crowd around you and bring out that inner charisma, fruity scents are your definitive go to. Spicy and fruity notes add a sense of playfulness and sensuality, whilst still making a real statement. On the Edge embraces just that with its hero ingredient Feminine Leather, a unique leather accord that is a true magnet for attention; rebellious yet charming! Fizzy top notes of orange and black violet create a perfect balance between a little something sweet with a little something tough, giving off a daring vibe. Definitely a party in a bottle!

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