The addictive appeal of gourmand fragrances

Gourmand fragrances are having a moment. From evoking memories of sweet nostalgia to their deliciously addictive “I need to smell that again” appeal, these sweet foodie-heaven scents are trending globally. We spoke with Perfumers Émelie Coppermann and Marine Ipert to find out what makes the gourmand olfactive so addictive.

But first! Meet the Perfumers behind OH! SWEET Dulce de Leche Eau de Toilette – the first gourmand fragrance in Oriflame’s portfolio.

Inspired by the nostalgic sweetness of Swedish candy, French Perfumers Émelie Coppermann and Perfumer Marine Ipert worked together to develop a new kind of addiction for OH! SWEET. Renowned for fragrance creations that are simultaneously delicate and full of surprises, Émelie’s unexpected approach to perfumery complimented Marine’s desire to discover new sensations, scents and tastes – the perfect duo to create a modern take on the gourmand olfactive experience.


So, what does it mean when we refer to a fragrance as “addictive”?
“Addiction in fragrances means you can’t help yourself from smelling it again and again,” says Master Perfumer Émelie Coppermann. “To reach this feeling, specific mouth-watering raw materials can be used – or a big quantity of an ingredient can be added in the formula.”

When creating OH! SWEET Dulce de Leche Eau de Toilette, the Perfumers worked with mouthwatering swirls of Dulce de Leche to bring an irresistibly indulgent quality to the scent. However, it’s not as simple as just adding a luscious, rich milky note, Émelie explains: “This is still a very subtle work, as it must remain addictive while avoiding disgust absolutely. Dulce de Leche was a must to explore for its universal addiction, but it could not be buttery.”

What exactly are gourmand fragrances?
The Oxford dictionary defines gourmand as “someone who enjoys food,” so it comes as no surprise that gourmand fragrances are inspired by delicious treats. “Gourmandise is connected to appetite and taste. In fragrance, it can be explored through various sugary and comfortable notes like vanilla and caramel with ethyl maltol (an organic compound used as a common sweet flavourant), gourmand fruit, lactones, nuts, pastries that you could actually eat,” explains Perfumer Marine Ipert. “OH! SWEET is an ode to all those sweets – and it smells like a candy shop!”


Yes, they smell delicious – but how do gourmand fragrances make us feel?
There’s a reason why gourmand notes in sweet perfumes are so addictive – and it all comes down to the instinctive feel-good factor. “Primarily, sugar helps to fuel our bodies and ease our minds,” Marine says. “Take the example of a crying baby – just a drop of sugary water will make them feel relieved instantly! Gourmand fragrances have the same effect, by making us feel good and peaceful. They’re reassuring and comforting, like a cuddly toy.”

Why is the gourmand olfactive trending right now?
“Gourmand fragrances have been successful for more than 15 years now, but this trend does not decrease,” Émelie believes. “On the contrary – we are indeed facing uncertain times, and it makes us long for reassurance. Gourmand scents bring us comfort, often taking us back to positive childhood memories. Fragrance addiction is specific to each person and one’s memories.” With this olfactive trend set to stay, it’s time to treat yourself to a delicious gourmand world of sweet indulgences!