How to Minimise Your Pores

Pores can become a problem, as early as in your 20s – in fact they’re one of the first signs of ageing! As collagen and elastin in our skin loosens and breaks down, and as gravity begins to take its toll, our pores change shape and lose their structure. The result? Large-looking pores. Here’s what to do about them.

Think about it this way: empty pores are less visible than full ones. It’s not that the size is any different, but rather the filling that can make them appear larger. When open pores filled with oil and dead skin cells oxidise, they turn into pesky blackheads, and blackheads of course are very visible.

A morning and evening cleansing routine will remove oil, makeup and dirt build-up to keep skin clean. Start with a cleanser and follow be sweeping a toner over your face with a cotton pad to remove residue. Try adding a cleansing device into your routine too; it’s an effective way of getting at deep-seated impurities and has been clinically proven to give users noticeably smaller pores in only a few weeks!

Sun damage, pollution, a hectic lifestyle, stress and smoking all impact the appearance of the size of your pores. As UV rays weaken your skins structure, pores begin to sag, which is why daily use of SPF is an essential preventative step. You’ll also want to indulge in some relaxing habits and get adequate sleep. And don’t – and we mean this – don’t smoke. It’s bad for everything.

Fact: pores do not open and close. But dead skin filling them will enlarge their appearance. An exfoliator that contains glycolic acid, salicylic acid, beta-hydroxy or alpha-hydroxy acid will work from the surface of the skin downwards to remove dead skin cells that have come to the end of their renewal cycle. Check out the Ecollagen serum, the NovAge Skin Renewing Toner and the True Perfection night cream – all of them include AHAs.

If you have oily skin you’re probably more aware of your pores than other people are. Avoid very thick day creams that can clog in pores, and instead use lightweight lotions or gels to moisturise. Even if you have oily skin, don’t skip moisture all together – the more hydrated your skin is, the plumper your cells will be, reducing the appearance of pores and the signs of skin ageing.

Need instant results? Then you really should try the NovAge Pore and Line Perfector under your makeup. It blends easily onto your skin, and has special optical blurrers that provide a smooth base with the appearance of flawless complexion. Then just add your foundation as usual. Perfection!

Words by: Photographs by: Kristine Wreyford