How to repair your skin after the summer

Soaring temperatures and sunshine, sea and chlorine, air conditioning and insect repellant – the summer months give your skin a beating. Set your body into repair-mode with our 5 helpful tips.

You can apply all of the restorative treatments you want, but if you haven’t removed the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin, they’re not going to work. To get your moisturising products working deep below the skins surface, you need to exfoliate. Skin that’s been sunburnt over summer is delicate, so choose an exfoliator with small, natural granules that won’t be abrasive – harsh treatments will only damage, damaged skin further.

Did you know that environmental factors (largely the sun) are responsible for 80 percent of the signs of facial ageing? That’s why wearing SPF is so important. You can’t reverse those days in the sun, but you can take steps to improving your skin: look for products containing Vitamin C.

Dark spots on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip make their peak appearance right after summer. Even out your complexion by using treatments that minimise melanin production and treat discolouration.

Insect bites not only itch, they often scar too. Applying moisturiser daily and exfoliating the area will prevent long-lasting discolouration. If the red marks are simply not budging cover-up with some concealer!

An evening skin care routine is a key habit for great-looking skin. Whilst cleansing and toning will remove the day’s residue, your serum and night cream will work hard to restore and repair your skin as you sleep. After the summer months, when your skin needs some extra love, let these overnight formulas step-in and do the hard work.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images