How to stay motivated everyday

Motivation drives us to make things happen – but staying motivated isn’t always easy. It can be hard to be super-productive every day, especially when the darkness of winter creeps in and all you want to do is binge the latest series on Netflix. Luckily for the procrastinator within, we’ve got some simple tips to help motivate yourself, from life-changing habits to beauty products boosted with tech.

Life-changing morning habits you never knew you needed
Never underestimate the motivational power of a morning routine – how you start your morning sets the tone for your day ahead. If you’re guilty of reaching for your phone as soon as you open your eyes, listen up! Instead of beginning the day in a chaotic way, try keeping your phone on sleep-mode for the first 30 minutes and use that time to create a feel-good habit that sets you up for the day. Whether it’s making yourself a breakfast smoothie, taking a walk outside to clear your mind, or treating your beauty routine like a moment of self-care, it will help set good habits in motion.


Optimise your beauty bag with products boosted with tech
There’s no denying the emotional power of scent – we’ve all felt that nostalgic pull back to childhood when we smell the perfume that defined our teenage years. Today, beauty brands are using this connection to develop products boosted with feel-good vibes, from energising essential oils to shower gels designed to make you feel happy. We love the latest perfumes for women and men from Greater, which are powered with AuraScent technology. Proven by neuroscience to awaken positive emotions, these Eau de Toilettes help you feel energised and uplifted throughout the day. Smell good and feel more motivated to chase your goals? It’s a win-win!


Find your people
Motivating yourself day-in, day-out isn’t easy – which is why surrounding yourself with supportive friends and inspiring mentors is key when it comes to achieving your dreams. Think of them as your own personal cheer squad, there to celebrate your milestones with you, and boost you up on the tough days when you can’t seem to get motivated. They’ll also be there to hold you accountable on each step of your journey – and yes, having small check-in steps for your goals is good news! Because let’s face it, manifesting where you want to be isn’t enough, you also need to take action towards your goals. So find your people, and inspire each other.

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