A new level of skin care

Can skincare be effective and act as gently as possible? We are delighted to present you with just such a revolutionary skin care that syncs the power of science with your skin! Novage+ is a completely new anti-ageing skin care system: technologically advanced, enhanced with bioactive ingredients and designed with the environment in mind.

Since the launch of the first NovAge products in 2015, the skincare industry has taken a big step forward. In that time, we've built up a wealth of expertise to offer you products that meet the latest trends and, in some cases, are even ahead of them. What skincare trends inspired us to create Novage+? 

The use of bioactive technologies


Bioactive means "created from natural ingredients". Such technologies stimulate the skin's natural functions to work harder and are usually at the heart of cosmeceutical products - those found in pharmacies and beauty parlours. We couldn't stay away from this trend and have included 11 bioactive technologies in Novage+! 


Protection from harsh environments


In the new Novage+, a multi-active day cream takes care of the skin's protection from the harmful effects of external factors. 


Demand for gentle care 


From radical and invasive measures, trends are gradually tilting towards gentle, but no less effective care. This is made possible by active ingredients such as niacinamide. Its beneficial properties are the basis for one of the Novage+ technologies.

Why is Novage+ so effective? 

One of the features of the new range that we are very proud of is the use of 11 bioactive technologies, 4 of which are patented by Oriflame. Let's take a step-by-step look at which technology is responsible for what. 

Step 1: Cleansing 

We have added Bio Lipid System technology to the Novage+ cleansing gel formula, which gently removes impurities and make-up while maintaining the skin's natural protective barrier. 

Step 2: Eyes 

All Novage+ eye creams are enhanced with Eye Vital technology to reduce dark circles and puffiness. But, in addition, each contains its own bioactive technology to address specific skin problems: Bio CollagenPro technology - wrinkle reduction, patented Bio Aspartolift technology - lifting effect, patented Bio Lumilock technology - fighting age spots. 

Step 3: Activator serum

The patented Oripeptide-3 technology is responsible for collagen production and therefore wrinkle smoothing in all Novage+ serums. In addition, like the eye creams, each of the four serums contains a different technology. 

Step 4: Basic care 

The patented Bio Re:Barrier technology and Advanced Pollution System technology protect and moisturise your skin during the day. And Advanced NightSync and Bio CeramidesPro technologies help the skin recover during the night and slow down the ageing process. .

If you've already used NovAge, you'll definitely notice the difference when choosing a day and night cream from the new range. With Novage+, there are just two creams for daytime protection and two creams for night-time regeneration. All you need to do is choose the right texture - lightweight and quickly absorbed or thicker and richer. 

Which Novage+ set is right for your skin?

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