We decided to discover Igelösa, the place where scientists with a true passion for health and wellbeing are making medical and nutritional breakthroughs that create positive change in people’s lives, all around the world.

Professor Stig Steen is the developer of the formula behind the best-selling Wellness by Oriflame Natural Balance Shakes, knows a thing or two about nutrition. Over decades working as a leading surgeon in the field of heart and lung transplantation, he has amassed critical knowledge about the importance of a balanced and natural diet for the wellbeing and recovery of his patients.


“People think that surgeons know nothing about nutrition. But we know everything about what the body needs.”
-Stig Steen, MD PhD


It is this vast expertise that drives the ground-breaking research being conducted at Igelösa Life Science Community.

Nestled in the farmlands of Skåne, southern Sweden, Igelösa is globally recognised as a hub of innovation and is regularly visited by scientists, doctors and researchers from many of the world’s most renowned hospitals and institutions, like Harvard Medical School. It also enjoys close ties with Lund University – a world-renowned academic institution where important nutrition and lifestyle research is conducted.

Together, Stig Steen and his team are focused on developing new clinical methods and innovations within organ transplantation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and lifestyle related disease prevention. A crucial component of their work is nutrition and, since Igelösa was founded in 1997, it has been placed in ever-greater focus.


“We started to work with nutrition because we saw the great need for the patients who are waiting to receive new organs.”
-Ådne Steen, CEO Igelösa


Over the years it became clear that Stig Steen’s research and experience gained through patient treatment could enable others to lead a healthier, happier life. With this in mind, the Igelösa team set up a product development kitchen and a human physiology clinic. It was here that the development and testing for the first Natural Balance Shake formula first took place – and proved the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership between Igelösa and Wellness by Oriflame.

Today, Natural Balance Shakes are a go-to nutritional supplement loved in 47 countries. This amazing achievement brings to life a shared vision between Stig Steen and Wellness by Oriflame to create healthy changes in people’s lives through proper nutrition proven through science.

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