5 ways to practice self-love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here, and we believe this time it should be all about you! Because sometimes it’s important to spoil yourself with the same kind of love that you’d show someone else. Here are some self-love suggestions that we think you’d like!

Take a relaxing bath
Oh yes, of course we put a relaxing bath on top of the list. There’s nothing that spells self-love like a moment alone in a hot, bubbly bath. So, fill up the tub and enjoy your favourite home spa must-haves. We truly recommend Love Nature’s Purifying Shower Gel, Swedish Spa’s Salt Crystals Body Scrub and Milk & Honey Gold Rose Nectar Hand & Body Cream. You deserve it!


Treat yourself to an at-home facial
A facial doesn’t sound so bad for Valentine’s Day, right? These are the steps to follow to create the perfect moment in the comforts of your own home:
1. Set the mood with soothing music, dim lights, and scented candles.
2. Cleanse your face. We suggest you try the Waunt Level Up Butter Cleanser that deeply cleanses, hydrates and melts away any dirt.
3. Gently exfoliate the skin. NovAge Skin Renewing Peel is a great choice that carefully and effectively exfoliates.
4. Soothe the skin with a face mask such as the NovAge ProCeuticals Niacinamide & Cica Bio-cellulose Sheet Mask.
5. Lastly, it’s time to moisturise! Check out Optimals Hydra Radiance Day Cream Rich formulated to deeply nourish the skin.


Start taking those vitamins
Take care of yourself from within by taking the right supplements – and there’s no better day to start then on Valentine’s Day! Our vitamins and minerals can help you top up on essential micronutrients and support overall wellbeing. It’s the best form of self-love!

Spritz on a new fragrance
The perfect gift to give yourself on Valentine’s Day is a delicious fragrance. No matter if you like floral, oriental or citrus scents – we have something for everyone. Which scent is your favourite?

Indulge in an at home manicure
Want beautiful nails for Valentine’s? Start by preparing your nails with the Professional Manicure Kit. When you’re done, if you love a pop of colour, check out the OnColour Lush Sorbets collection. It’s a set of juicy nail polish shades that’ll lift any mood. Think bright pink, orange, and coral! Finish off by nourishing your nails with The One Oil Pen. Voila!