6 Indoor Workouts to Take Outside

Wish you could get more fresh air? Easy! Just take your gym session to nature and get fit outdoors. Here's a list of six workouts that are great al fresco!

Now is the time to ditch the treadmill and head outdoors. Not just because the weather’s nice, but because it’s better for your fitness. Running outdoors exposes you uphill slants, downhill slopes and uneven terrain, which make your workout more effective by targeting different muscles and burning more calories.

Having the wind in your face has more benefits than freshening you up, it also means more resistance, which makes you burn more calories. Plus, your mood will improve from being outdoors!

If you’ve been working on your glutes with the step machine, why not try the outdoor equivalent? Find a park bench and make it your gym buddy. Use it for step-ups, box jumps, side squats and lunges for an effective session.

Exercising in short, intense bursts is an efficient and effective way of boosting your cardio capacity, improving speed and endurance, and strengthening your entire body. Find a hill and sprint to the top, then walk down. Take a 30 second rest and go at it again.

You don’t need fancy machines to lift weights; training with your bodyweight can be just as effective. Most parks have monkey bars that you can use for practicing your chin-ups and pull-ups.

Cardio has never been so fun, or sweat inducing!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images