6 Oriflame products that give back to the environment

We have already tackled many sustainability concerns but every year we’re taking more steps towards sustainable beauty products! Here’s what you need to know!

Sustainable beauty is a term we see popping up everywhere lately. But it’s not a trend that’s expected to disappear – in 2021 consumers are demanding that brands incorporate sustainability from the start, with initiatives like reducing their environmental footprint in the manufacturing stage to using recycled packaging and sustainably sourced ingredients in their products.

Here at Oriflame we have already tackled many sustainability concerns: in 2016 we stopped the use of plastic microbeads and now only use natural origin scrubs in our rinse off products. We also make sure that our face wipes are made from biodegradable material. What’s more, our HQ office, warehouses and factories are even 100% powered by renewable electricity. But every year we’re taking more steps towards sustainable beauty - products that are inspired by nature and powered by science and do a little extra for the environment. From our first shampoo bar with non-plastic packaging to our vegan registered ranges, here are a few of our sustainability all-stars!


1. Love Nature Shampoo Bar with Avocado Oil & Chamomile
The majority of us (64%) look for products with recyclable packaging, according to research by the Soil Association. The primary reason? We care about the environment! The good news is Oriflame does too. That's why we created the Love Nature Shampoo Bar with Avocado Oil & Chamomile, one example of our commitment to sustainable beauty products.

There are a number of reasons why shampoo bars are a more sustainable option than liquid shampoos but the two main ones are elimination of plastic packaging and the reduced size of the product which helps to reduce its carbon footprint. We chose to package ours in paper packaging instead of plastic to contribute to the lower environmental impact and to reduce our use of plastic. And the bar is made of condensed ingredients, so you get more washes than from a regular shampoo. Just one shampoo bar is equivalent to two standard 250 ml shampoo bottles – meaning twice as many washes! Win, win.

2. .SE Eau de Parfums
When you think about recycling most likely the materials that come to mind are plastic, paper and cardboard. But Oriflame’s first recyclable perfume bottle was released this year! .SE Swedish Experience Eau de Parfums bottles are designed with a screw-on pump, so you can physically detach every part of the bottle and recycle all the elements! Add to that the iconic eye-catching design and we suggest you use it to brighten up your nightstand by screwing off the top and popping in some flowers. Nothing says ‘sustainable beauty products’ like a perfume bottle-turned-vase! Let the décor compliments roll on in... 

3. Natural Balance Shakes
Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet while juggling a busy lifestyle can be difficult, especially with the temptation of unhealthy snacks around every corner. Natural Balance Shakes not only make healthy and convenient snacking easy but they’re vegan registered with The Vegan SocietyTM, meaning that they contain no animal derived ingredients. Since we know that making vegan choices can help reduce our impact on the environment, looking for vegan-certified products will only become more and more important if you care about the planet.

4. The ONE Make-up Pro Palette
According to research from the Soil Association, more refill points in stores is becoming a priority for consumers. Rather than selling the same packaged products over and over to repeat buyers, companies are now starting to sell refillable products – all you need to do is keep your original dispenser and refill! If you’re considering a new refillable alternative to your own products, try our refillable The ONE Make-up Pro Palette, which you can customise to your own taste and complexion – the shade possibilities are endless!


5. Baby O
When it comes to caring for our babies’ sensitive skin, we don’t hold back! Baby O boasts both sustainable sourcing of the most natural and effective ingredients, and intensive moisture for sensitive baby skin.

We carefully and extensively tested our Baby O range as we know that baby skin is in the very earliest stages of its development and so is thinner, more absorbent, and more sensitive and prone to moisture loss. That’s why the star ingredient here is Swedish Oat Oil - sustainably extracted from local Swedish farms and grown using sustainable cropping programmes - designed to gently nourish and protect babies’ sensitive skin.

Like with all our products, we care about what we put into our formulations as much as what we take out – and always use ingredients that are performing, safe, and responsible. And with paediatrician endorsement, you and baby will both be happy.


6. Beautanicals
Of course when talking about our proudest environmental-friendly ranges we can’t forget Beautanicals! Driven by the proven powers of botanical extracts and essential minerals, this range of hair and body care products are not only vegan certified and registered with The Vegan SocietyTM and contain plant-based ingredients, but the hand salve, conditioner and soap bar are made from 95% natural origin ingredients and all rinse off products are biodegradable.

Our Beautanicals range contains the highest postconsumer recycled (PCR) content across all our ranges as the plastic bottles are made of 100% PCR materials - to aid the recycling process, paper labels on all bottles even have easy wash-off adhesive. Really, why shower with anything else?

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