The 1 Trick That Will Help You Stick To Your Workout Plan

Finding motivation to hit the gym sometimes feels completely hopeless. It’s like life always seems to get in the way. We know, we’ve been there too. But in the midst of it all there is one simple trick that could truly spur you into action. Enter; the workout buddy.

The key to get going is finding a routine that you can commit to – only then are you really setting yourself up for success! And what better way to do that than with a friend? Someone that will challenge you when it gets tough, count on you when you want to give up and add a little social flair to the session when working out is the last thing you want to do.

There are many benefits in teaming up with a workout partner, so picking one out is your first step towards a healthier tomorrow. When choosing a partner, try to select someone that is better than you and someone with a higher level of commitment. This will give you a friendly push out of your comfort zone and spark your training efforts to the next level!

If you feel your motivation is where it should be but you want to find a new purpose to hit the gym, pick a partner that needs you more than you need them – there is nothing more motivating than helping someone else reach their goals! You will get an awesome feeling of gratification as well as many workout hours done – because you know they are counting on you.

If no one in your circle is at all interested in working out, challenge yourself to find a partner elsewhere. Search for different workout forums and groups online, or ask the person at work who is always carrying a workout bag if you can join them.

Once you have found your partner – set a plan for your workouts, and commit to it! Here are three simple ideas that will get you and your workout partner started with your healthy routines:

1. Set small mutual goals together and make sure to . Also, dare to take on a bigger challenge together that neither one of you has tried out before. Why not sign up for a race – a little healthy competition never hurt anybody!

2. Hire a personal trainer for two – This way you can share the experience and the cost with your workout buddy!

3. Since there might be some blood, sweat (and maybe even tears) along the way; agree on a treat to reward yourselves with whenever you reach one of your milestones. A girl’s night out, a new wardrobe or weekend getaways are great incentives. Also, set up realistic goals. It’s easy to aim for the pot of gold right away, but nothing is as demotivating as the feeling of an unattainable mission.

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