3 Ways Love Nature Helps Our Oceans

Sustainability has always been important to us. Finding inspiration in nature and respecting the environment are key to our philosophy. So, we asked our Sustainability Advisor, Dr. Natasha Williams O’Hanlon, to tell us more about the three ways Love Nature more environmentally responsible, and helps our oceans.

With our new Love Nature range we are demonstrating our respect for nature, and water in particular, by lowering the environmental impact of our rinse off products. And the first improvement we have made is to make all new Love Nature rinse off formulations Biodegradable. This means that they will break down naturally and not impact the aquatic environment negatively.

We use only natural-origin scrub beads including silica, strawberry seed and almond shell in our new Love Nature exfoliating products. These are either mineral based and return to where they came from, or plant based and will break down naturally.

While Silicone can add smoothness to hair, they are synthetic and hard for the environment to break down. Additionally, silicones can build up in concentration over time, potentially ending up in the human food chain. Therefore, we made the decision to make all Love Nature hair care products Silicone-free.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images