Untangling the Science – Is a Skin Care Routine Right for Me?

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide whether to commit to a skin care routine, or to just opt for the individual products – will it make a difference if you use multiple products together? How do skin care routines work and what are the benefits? We’ve answered some of these questions to help you decide what’s best for you and your skin!

What is a skin care routine?
A skin care routine is a group of products that work together to deliver more effective results than individual products. Our scientists develop formulas that work, not only independently, but also in harmony with other formulas to deliver even higher performance. The product’s texture, formulation type, performance and position in your routine each play a key role in benefiting your skin.

Why is a skin care routine more effective than an individual product?
With skin care routines, our formulators work to understand the complexities of formula and layering. They must consider function, performance and multiple formula usage, and how they impact the skin. Different products are formulated to address different issues. Following a full routine will ensure that your skin is properly cleansed, moisturised and treated to give you the best results as fast as possible.

Are all of the steps in a routine equally important?
The products within the routine are formulated to work together, in a specific order, to give you the best results. When we promote claims like “up to 49% instant wrinkle reduction” in relation to our Ecollagen range, or “70% more bounce” for Ultimate Lift, we are referring to the clinical test results from using our products as part of a daily routine.

When should I use a day/night cream?
Our skin follows a natural cycle. In the day it’s fighting aggressors and in the night it’s restoring from them. The products you wear need to complement this cycle. Day cream, for example, normally contains SPF to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, while night cream is richer to nourish the skin while you sleep.

What makes the Oriflame NovAge premium skin care routines so effective?
We’re extremely proud of our premium skin care routines and their impeccable results! They are the result of rigorous scientific research into the skin ageing process and perception of skin ageing. They feature products that are carefully tailored to delay and reduce the appearance of ageing signs. We’re excited to say that our premium skin care routines are some of the most advanced in the skin care industry today!

If you’re still trying to decide, consider the other ways that a skin care routine might complement your lifestyle. Taking a moment each day to care for your skin creates a moment of peace for yourself. At Oriflame, we continue to look to you and your beauty rituals to lead the way in how we innovate for beauty! Read more about our scientific process here.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame