Wash Your Hands for the Greater Good

By practising simple personal hygiene habits, you can protect yourself and others from the new coronavirus. Here is why the lives and well-being of everyone rest in the hands of all!

Clean hands save lives
The current global outbreak of the coronavirus, Covid-19, has highlighted how the need for thorough handwashing is more crucial than ever. But the good news is proper handwashing can help to prevent the spread of all forms of infections.

Soaps in all formats are perfect for the everyday cleansing that`s proven to help slow or stop the spread of infection by changing the structure of the virus.

How to clean your hands
When we wash our hands, we need to wash them properly and regularly. Always with soap and for at least 20 seconds. It is crucial not to forget any area of the hands – the backs of the hands, between the fingers, and under the nails. So simple, yet it can save lives. To learn more about the handwashing guidelines from the Worldwide Health Organization, please visit their website here.

Let’s care for our hands, too!
It’s also worth remembering that we should take care of our hands, too. When washing and sanitising them more often than usually, we strip them from moisture. Hence, moisturising regularly after each wash helps prevent dry and chapped skin.

We are in this together!
Everyone, whatever their economic status, deserves to be clean and healthy. By supporting others and reminding them of the importance of washing hands properly, we can all play our part in controlling the spread of the coronavirus and, together, protect the lives of loved ones worldwide.