5 Makeup Mistakes Solved for Good!

The modern woman is faced with new makeup challenges: exaggerated cat eyes, complicated contouring techniques and the grooming of thick – yet precise - brows. If you stumble on some mishaps along the way – don’t fret! We’re here to help.

Problem: My cat-eye is ALWAYS crooked!
Solution: Try this trick from the pros: take a piece of scotch tape and press it against your hand several times to reduce the stickiness. Then, place the tape beneath your lower lash line, angling it up to your temples. This will become the angle of your flick! Use a liquid eye liner pen to rim your upper lashes and to extend the line along the tape. Leave your flick to dry before removing the tape. And voilà – a perfect cat-eye!

Problem: Contouring makes me look like a clown!
Solution: It’s okay that you’re not a professional at contouring – trust us, it’s hard! One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they forget to blend. If you’re bronzer is streaked across your cheekbones and jaw line, take a sponge and diffuse the colour. The same goes for highlighter: blend with a soft makeup brush, or pat with clean fingertips to prevent stark contrasts.

Problem: I always sneeze when I apply my mascara!
Solution: Whatever you do, don’t try to wipe it away straight away. That’ll only increase the chance of you smudging your makeup even more. Instead, allow the mascara to dry. Then use a small concealer brush or cue-tip dipped in makeup remover, gently whip away the flecks.

Problem: My eyebrows always look fake!
Solution: Thick, attention-grabbing eye brows are in – but that doesn’t make them easy to do. A common mistake is that people “square” off the front of their brows, instead of creating natural hair like strokes using a pencil or kit. Another problem is that we tend to lengthen our brows too much. Here’s a simple trick to avoid this: take a pencil and angle it from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye – that’s how far your brow should be lengthened to. And, as a final tip, keep the colour natural.

Problem: I get red around my nose area!
Solution: Redness in the nose area is often caused by excessive friction when blowing your nose, so instead of blowing, try to blot your nose with a tissue. If you find that your nose is reddening when you come from the cold to the heat, integrate a mild cleanser and rich day cream or oil into your skin care regime. A powder, followed by a concealer that matches your skin tone, should help neutralise the colour too.

Words by: Photographs by: Kristine Wreyford, Markus Askelöf