Before and After: NovAge Anti-Redness Solution

Whether you’re going for an interview or on a date with that hot guy from the gym, heading there with your cheeks blazing is the last thing you want. Read on to find out what our skin care editor does to appease redness!

If you, like me, deal with red and blotchy skin every day, you know how frustrating it can be. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the reason why your cheeks are flaming - maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s something else. Whatever the cause, it’s a bother!

So, how do we deal with the tomato-red cheeks?
I try to stay away from steaming hot showers, too much alcohol, excessive sun exposure and pollution. These things can all dilate the blood vessels in the face which can make visible redness worse. I know that avoiding some of these things may be easier said than done, but it’s worth a try! Further, try not to worry too much about your skin because emotional stress can actually exacerbate redness. Remember that your looks don’t define you!

Even so, looking good means feeling good, and sometimes our skin needs a little extra help. So, when I feel self-conscious about my red skin, I use NovAge Anti-Redness Solution. It contains pigments that instantly reduce visible redness and calming ingredients that soothe red skin.

Before and after NovAge Anti-Redness Solution
As you can see in the image on the left, I definitely had some redness going on.
This was one of my good skin days, but as always, my skin is red around the nose and on the cheeks.

The image on the right shows my skin after applying the NovAge Anti-Redness Solution. As you can see, it definitely looks improved. The formula instantly covers the rosy areas with pigments, and that is what makes the largest visual difference, but I also like knowing that it contains soothing technology that actively works to calm my skin while I wear it.

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