How to Smell Your Best 24/7

Smelling your best has just as much to do with hygiene, diet and your habits, as it does with the perfume you wear. Here’s 8 tips to keep you fresh from dawn to dusk, and from head to toe.

Well moisturised skin holds onto fragrance for longer than dry skin. So after your shower, when your pores are open, apply a hydrating body lotion and follow with your favourite perfume.

What you eat affects the way you naturally smell and how perfume reacts with your skin. Some foods and spices have a tendency to smell stronger than others, whereas a diet that’s packed with fresh fruit and vegetables, and lots of water will carry less of an odour. Alcohol is a smell that sticks to your skin for a long time, so if you want to smell your best tomorrow, skip the after-hours drink today.

Each of your hairs is attached to a sebaceous gland that produces oil. The oilier your hair is, the more likely it is to pick up smells such as smoke and cooking odours. Shampooing your hair regularly and conditioning from the middle-section of your hair downwards will keep your locks sweet smelling. And, because hair holds smell so well, it’s the perfect place to spritz your fragrance.

The intimate areas of your body need to be washed with a pH balanced soap to prevent bacteria growth that can lead to unpleasant odours and infection. Feminelle is a dermatologically and gynaecologically tested range that can be used daily to keep you feeling fresh and confident.

Washing your clothes with the right amount of detergent, storing them away from humidity and kitchen odours, and cleaning your washing machine regularly will help avoid musty smelling clothes. Try slipping a perfumed sachet into your drawers that will absorb bad smells and distribute fragrance onto your clothing. And for extra-freshness, spray some perfume onto your clothes – but never on leather, silk and other delicate fabrics that stain easily.

If you don’t brush and floss your teeth daily, bits of food stay in your mouth and promote bacteria that can cause bad breath. Strong foods and spices are also a culprit as they’re absorbed into your blood and carried to your lungs where they’re expelled as breath – the odour only passes once the food is out of your system. And a final tip is to drink lots of water – dry mouths tend to smell bad.

Bacteria on your skin breaks down sweat as it’s released from the pores on your feet and can smell. It’s perfectly normal, but still embarrassing. Combat the problem by wearing breathable cotton socks and switching between two pairs of canvas or leather shoes daily. Feet Up is a best-selling brand that creates anti-perspirant foot deodorant and cream, as well as products to remove thick skin that’s prone to carrying bad odours.

An eau de parfum has a high concentration of oil in it, which gives it better staying power than eau de toilettes. And an expert tip is to apply to your pulse points and then leave to dry naturally – rubbing your wrists together will only make the smell fade faster.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images