How to Make Your Eyes Look Larger

70 percent of men say that the first thing they notice in a woman are her eyes. And us women notice men's eyes first too. If you're not blessed with thick, dark lashes and a wide-awake look, don't fret! Oriflame Artistic Director, Jonas Wramell has five essential tips for creating the illusion of larger-looking eyes.

Rim your upper and lower waterline with a white or beige eye pencil, which will instantly make your eyes look whiter and bigger. People tend to only apply eyeliner to their lower waterline, but that means you’ll blink the colour away! This trick is quick, easy and very effective. 

Dab a white, light-reflecting highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes. The rule is: anything that’s dark will intensify your eyes but make them look smaller, and anything that’s light will make the eyes look larger and more awake. 

Building depth will maximise the size of your eyes – it’s a trick that Angelina Jolie uses a lot. Apply a vanilla coloured eye shadow to your whole, lid and up to your brows. Then use a large eye shadow brush to apply a dark colour to the outer corner of your eye, working the colour into the crease. Use a liquid or soft pencil eyeliner to draw a line from the centre of your iris fading to the outer corner of your eye. Don’t apply to the inner corner of your eyes if you want that “pop” effect. And finally, leave your lower lash line bare. Dark shadows beneath your eyes create an intense look rather than doll eyes, so focus the attention above rather than below. 

Curl your lashes for just 20 seconds and you’ll immediately have wider-looking eyes. 
The magic trick is to curl your lases in sections, rather than all at once. Start by the roots – CURL - move your way up to the middle – CURL - and then finish at the end of your eye lashes - CURL. This way you’ll have doll-like lashes, rather than a crease in the centre of your lashes. For extra impact, take your eyelash curler  and curl one final time at your roots, tilting your curler upwards (yes, get close your eye ball!) – and oomph! 

Use a volumising mascara instead of a lengthening one. And apply it in thee steps: start at the inner corner of your eye, then apply to the middle (pushing upwards) and lastly at the outer corner. Here, you’ll want to angle your mascara brush sideways and drag away from your face.

This technique will create a fan like effect, giving the illusion of fuller lashes and larger eyes. For a video on how to make your eyes appear larger, click here.

Words by: Photographs by: Kristin Wreyford, Getty images and Shutterstock