Master the Art of Home Spa-ing

A skin care splurge is fine every now and then. But when a spa trip doesn’t fit into your busy schedule (or limited budget), who says you can’t create the right spa mood at home? Keep reading to learn how to get your spa on, whenever you please.

Mask it up
There’s a reason why the pros use face masks - they work! So, whatever issue you might be facing (dehydration, pesky blemishes, lack of radiance), select one that’s right for your skin. Apply as directed. And hey! While you’re waiting the usual 10-15 minutes, why not turn on some relaxing music and light some candles? Mood is everything.

Bye, bye mask… Hello hot towel!
Most professional spa visits include a hot towel treatment to open pores and thoroughly rid your skin of impurities. Lucky for you, towels are easy to come by at home! After you’ve applied your mask, soak a soft cotton towel in water, wring it out until slightly damp, and use it to clean and wipe off the excess product. Voila - fresh skin for days!


Turn your shower into a plunge pool
There’s nothing like a hot shower, followed by a cold one, to wake up your skin and improve the blood flow. Just make sure to end your personal hot-cold treatment with 3-5 minutes of neutral temperature, to get your body back to normal.

Give your eyes some TLC
Think cucumbers are the only way to soothe tired eyes? Think again. Use the back end of a chilled spoon to add some pep to your peepers. Follow with an eye cream to nourish the gentle skin.

Reverse the clock, while you relax
When your skin starts ageing, its texture and tone naturally change, resulting in a breakdown of collagen and elastin. To help firm up skin, apply a facial serum that contains caffeine or wrinkle-fighting retinol.

DIY mani-pedi
The key to a great at-home manicure and pedicure is being prepared with the right products. Make sure to have the following on hand: nail polish remover (perfect for prepping), a pumice stone (for banishing pesky callouses), a buffer (for smoothing surfaces), cuticle cream (for adding nourishment) and of course, the perfect shade of polish to dazzle.

Photographs by: Getty Images