3 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get a Morning Routine That Makes You Happy

Starting the day properly is key to making sure you look and feel happy throughout the whole day. Here are 3 scientifically proven ways to create a morning routine that makes you feel good.

1. Get Up at the Same Time Each Morning!
Humans are creatures of habit, and by setting the alarm for same time every day, we train our bodies to rest properly. You know how much better you feel after a good night’s sleep, don’t you? Keep that in mind as you resist the urge to hit snooze. Sleep therapists often prescribe a regular wake-up time, or sleep restriction, to beat insomnia, advice that is based on scientific study.

Given that you probably need to start work or school at the same time every day, choose a time that fits in with both your life and what makes you feel good. We don’t just mean weekdays either, it must work on weekends too. So, choose a time that works all week, and try it for a month or two. Roll on, happy mornings!

2. Healthy Breakfast is Key to a Great Morning Routine!
A good healthy breakfast is key to starting the day right. Not only does it give you the right nutrition to keep you going through until your next meal, but you also buy yourself a bit of time to think about the day ahead. So put your phone away and concentrate on what you are about to eat. Marlene Nordlander, Senior Global Wellness Trainer and Registered Dietitian, says:

“I think breakfast is one of the most joyful meals of the day! It kicks off my day in the best way. Research has shown that breakfast has positive effects on cognition such as doing things that require attention, executive function, and memory. Some studies even suggest that skipping breakfast is associated with obesity. But to fuel you with the right nutrients it’s good to choose a breakfast high in protein and dietary fibre. Opt for eggs, dairy products, fruits & berries and wholegrain bread or cereals! I know that some people have difficulty eating in the morning. In that case it might be easier to drink your breakfast. Try a smoothie filled with goodies like dairy (or plant-based alternative), fruits, grains and maybe some protein powder, such as our beloved Wellness by Oriflame Protein Blend or Natural Balance Shakes.”

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3. Make Time for Make up!
Putting on make-up as part of your morning routine can help to improve your confidence. Since how you look is very closely linked to how you feel, applying products that have been created with both a great result and a sumptuous application experience in mind, can help create a happiness boosting morning routine. Giordani Gold Pure Úforia Foundation SPF 35+ is not only lovely to apply and gives you a crystal-like glow, but it also contains Harmony Essence. This is a texture technology, developed by scientists, to help make you and your skin feel happy when you apply. What’s more, with that SPF, you’ll feel good knowing your skin is protected from the sun.

So, there you have it, 3 super easy ways to make your morning routine happier, as proven by science!