Get the Season’s Hottest Festive Make Up Look: The Red Smokey Eye

This year the festive period is all about red! And we don’t just mean the ribbons on the tree. 2021’s hottest make up look is the smokey eye, reimagined in terracotta, copper and red shades, finished with incredible black lashes.

For this bold and beautiful look, we consulted make-up artist Jeanette Törnqvist, who has decades of experience working for Swedish and international brands, magazines, and fashion houses. During our shoot for THE ONE Hypnotic Depth, Törnqvist created the stunning red smokey eye look, and talked us through how you can do it at home.

So, what’s the trick to a great red smokey eye?
Blend blend, and if you’re still not sure, blend a little more. The shades we used were chosen to really make our model’s blue eyes pop, but you can choose different shades according to your skin tone, eye colour and personal preferences. Nevertheless, the principle of building the colour is the same. So, we’ll take you through it...

Get your Base in Place
Choose a base that works for you. We love THE ONE Everlasting Sync Foundation SPF 30 and the matching concealer (THE ONE EverLasting Precision Concealer) for a look you can rely on to see you through the day and night.

Apply an eyeshadow primer to your eyelids, apply your foundation and then touch up with concealer. Keep it simple as you really want to make sure your eyes are the star of the show. Now you are ready to create a magical festive eye look!


Fill your Outer lid with the Darkest Shade
First up, fill the outer half of your lids with THE ONE Colour Unlimited Eyeshadow stick in Full Burgundy. The quickest route to a professional-looking finish is to blend carefully at every stage. This step is no exception, so blend carefully, first in the crease and then down the centre of your lid. Use a soft eyeshadow brush for this. You are aiming for a gradient effect with no hard edges. Remember to blend as you go because this Eyeshadow stick sets in place for a long-lasting finish. If you want to intensify the colour even more, add a second layer at this point.

Fill Whole Lid with your Mid Shade
Secondly, you want to fill the rest of the lid with the mid shade. Törnqvist used THE ONE Colour Unlimited Eyeshadow stick in Burnt Orange. Fill the entire lid. Blend out the edges using a soft eyeshadow brush. You can top with a powder in a similar shade to make the look even more intense and set it in place. Add some of the darker shade below the lash line at the outer corner. Törnqvist used Full Burgundy here again. Blend thoroughly using your eyeshadow brush.


A Final Top Tip for A look that Really Pops!
Törnqvist’s last technique will make this look really stand out! Add a touch of silver in the inner corner of your eyes, and sweep a little across your brow bone, too. This adds depth and contour and will take your festive makeup look to a whole new level. Use THE ONE Colour Unlimited Eyeshadow stick in Cold Silver for a truly magical look. And don’t forget to blend.

Finish with THE ONE Browcara (waterproof brow mascara that builds instant volume for thick, natural eyebrows) and a sweep of THE ONE Hypnotic Depth Mascara. Triple black pigments in Hypnotic Depth will make sure your lashes stand out against the smokey terracotta eyeshadow, and you can layer if you want extra volume and length. And there you have it, an on-trend festive eye look that will knock ‘em dead.